Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Spinning Top

Global nuclear meltdown today!!!

We think we have it figured though. 

School started up for the term last week but because Gymnastics is in the same venue as the Katanning show (on Saturday) it's not on until they've decided not to have it until after they've had the show and had a chance to clean up.  Week 4 of term!

Now Bear doesn't understand about days of the week and only has a limited understanding of the concept of time but he can usually tell if it's been too long.

Pretty sure he's just come to the realization that he's been back at school for more than a week but there's been no's been too long!

We are pretty used to global nuclear meltdowns but that doesn't mean that we enjoy them, and I can tell you, we are usually pretty keen to get them to stop.

Most of the time our attempts are pretty futile!

But today the Geek came up with something that worked (at least for now). 

He made a spinning top!



  1. Okay, I need a little explanation. Did the Geek attach this to the floor? What is it made of?

  2. It's the lid of a cast iron pot...he just sat it upside down on the floor on its handle. He had a screwdriver bit in the drill so he used that to get it spinning. It went crazy fast and Bear loved it!!!

  3. That is so clever and such a boy thing to do.

  4. yep...and with such a house full of boys I have no doubt there will be many similar projects in the future :D

  5. Hahahah - you are so lucky :)

  6. I'm a little bit inclined to agree :D