Sunday, 30 October 2011

Just A Little Thank You!

Well we are about to launch our website and there are just so many people that I just don't think we could have done it without that I want to say a little thank you to you all.

Firstly to the Lord Jesus, who has pulled me through all of those times when I asked myself what the heck I'd gotten myself in to and gave me the strength to keep on keeping on.  Also to our parents who have supported us all the way through.  (and no doubt will continue to do so!)

Thanks to my fantastic children who have put up with a grumbly, sleep deprived and stressed out Mummy, and to my awesome husband for coming along for the ride...even with a grumbly, sleep deprived and stressed out wife. :D

To our gorgeous WAHMs; Leah from Fluff E Stuff, who's comment in a buy and sell group has completely changed the direction of Rascal Rumps.  To Alex from Bear Bottoms, Cath from Tumblemonkey Handmade and Jess from Onesie Bummsies.  
Thanks to Sue and Wendy and the awesome team at itti bitti, Hollie from Bum Cheeks and Farharna from Booroi. To Melissa from Australian Wholesale Amber and Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products.  Also to Christina and Emily from Rockin Green Australia and Caroline from Soap in a Nutshell.  To all of the suppliers that we still have in the works and hope to have on line soon.
You all have been awesome to work with and there is no way we could have done it without you.

Huge thanks to Peter from Great Southern Web Design...We love our website and we hope you all do to!

Vicki and the team from Great Southern Small Business Centre...we owe you big time!  Also Trevor from the Tambellup Business Centre.

Extra special thanks go to Jodi from MCN Lovers R Us! You do us and everyone else in this industry a huge huge service and I, for one, greatly appreciate it.  Also Jade from Australian WAHM shoutouts.  Thanks also to my wonderful "cloth lovin' neighbor" Erryn who has been my sounding board all the way through :D

A huge thanks to Marita from Stuff With Thing, Lori from RRSAHM and Trae from Where's My Glow for the shout outs!

And of course where would we be without our fantastic customers, you have all been lovely to deal with and we look forward to hearing your feedback about our website and our service.  We are always striving to bring you the best and appreciate your ideas!

And one last one...Thanks to all the grandmothers who come to the markets/shows and take all the info away to share with their daughter/daughters in law.  Grandmothers are awesome :D

Big thanks to you all