About Me!

My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

This is me :D
    My name is Erin and I am married to a wonderful man who, although a little strange, is the perfect match for me.  We have come through a lot together and I feel that together we can face anything.  I call him the Geek, for a geek he is! If you want to get to know him a little better, why not visit his blog?
Together we are in the process of building a business...Rascal Rumps!
Which has been a learning curve to say the least but we are hoping that it will take off and be the means of supporting our very unique family :D

The Geek and I have 6 kids and they are a mix of my children, our children and a foster child...but when push comes to shove they are all "our children" and we both love them all equally. 

As you read you will probably get to know a fair bit about each of my children but you may hear a bit more about Bear than you do about the others.  When Bear was 4 he was diagnosed with Autism, though we were pretty sure long before then that that's what he had.  He has low functioning autism and a developmental delay and is HARD WORK!!!  It is because of him (and with some encouragement from Jane from This Is No Ordinary Kid, that I got involved with Special Saturday and will be trying to join them every week with a post to help raise awareness of special needs :D

Another big part of who I am...possibly the biggest, is my love for the Lord Jesus.  He is my Rock and the one that gets me through the trying days.  And I believe it's because of Him that I can still see my blessings and be thankful...even at the end of those really really tough days...weeks...years :D  
Now I'm not here to Bible bash you...I don't believe that's what God would have me do, but you will (hopefully) see my Christianity in my posts and in my daily life as you read along. 

 I hope you enjoy your ride on The Zoo Train...I look forward to getting to know you all better too!!!