Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Chicken And The Toothbrush!

On Monday when I went shopping I found some toothbrushes going out for 89c each.  They were not top of the range toothbrushes but they were Oral B and we've used them before so I know they're not cheap nasty ones either.  Plus they were bright shiny colours (I'm a bit of a sucker for bright shiny colours)

My first thought (it being late October) was "Stocking Fillers!!!" so I proceeded to throw one of each colour into my trolley.

Now Monday was a busy day, in fact this whole week has been flat out, so with one thing and another the toothbrushes ended up being left on the bench in the kitchen instead of being hidden away.

So of course when the kids (who are also suckers for bright shiny colours) came home from school they wanted their new toothbrushes.

Oh well, I can't use them as stocking fillers now, none of the kids are young enough that they will forget about them within 2 months, so I gave them their new tooth brushes.  After all we are not so broke yet that I can't afford to spend 89c on each of my children.

And that was that!
Or was it?

Now you have to understand that coming up to bed time Grub is really cranky so I usually send the kids in to brush their teeth and go to the toilet by themselves.  They usually do a pretty good job and none of them has ever needed a filling but when I go into the bathroom afterwards I ALWAYS find it painted in toothpaste.  Top to bottom!  And since we had the wisdom to put in a black vanity top when we renovated...and toothpaste dries looks filthy ALL THE TIME!!!

Until Monday!

Since Monday I go into the bathroom after bed time and the toothpaste is all wiped up, and the toothbrushes all washed properly and lined up neatly!

Chicken is so excited about her bright shiny new toothbrush that she wants it to live in a nice clean bathroom!

Best 89c I ever spent!

(PS I do actually buy my kids things...they are not really so deprived that a new toothbrush is the event of the year...I promise!!!)

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  1. Classic - you never know what will capture their attention, that is what is so wonderful about children.