Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Little Reminder

Did you know that I whinge a fair bit?

No you probably don't hear me, most of the time I don't say it aloud, or on paper or even into cyber space!

Most of the time I just mutter under my breath, and a lot of the time it has something to do with Grub!

Why do I have to get up at 5am with him every morning?  Why is he on me all the time? Why won't he let me get anything done? Why does he want to breastfeed half the night?  Why is my house always trashed?????

You get the point!

But this morning I got to thinking...

It took us 9 months to fall pregnant with him!
And then at 8 weeks I had a little amniotic leak...I should have lost him and I believe it was only through much much prayer that I didn't.  I had to spend a good portion of my pregnancy resting (which is something I don't do well).

At 22 weeks there was more bleeding...and more rest.

Finally we got to 39 weeks and the doctor was ready to induce me and on new years day I finally gave birth to a perfect baby boy! 

I had some trouble expelling the placenta so it was a minute or two before the midwives realized there was a knot in the cord...a true tight knot!  They were astounded!  They couldn't get it undone and they couldn't get any blood out of it! This being my 5th natural birth I had a fairly quick delivery but the midwives assured me that if it had taken much longer, if I had been pushing for longer, I would most likely have been holding a blue baby!

Grub is a very strong willed, mischievous little ratbag...but when I remember how many times we could have lost him I realize that he is a strong willed mischievous little ratbag that I am very very grateful to have!

Sometimes I just need a little reminder :D

And he IS a very cute, strong willed mischievous little ratbag after all!!!


  1. Wow that is a tight knot! Glad he was strong willed and intent on sticking around.

  2. Thanks Marita...I am too...thou I have to confess that even after writing this this morning I still had to take a deep breath several times today and tell myself not to be too cranky with him...he was a little trying today!

  3. wow, thats so amazing and awesome - I too whinge alot, under my breath mostly, but then I have moments like before where I look over and see her (or see her on the monitor) and I feel like my heart will burst!! PS Did not know u had 5 kidlets and that ur little mans only 2 months older than my little Pie :) I got married on New years day 2011 :)

  4. All he has to do really is smile and it melts my heart...he has such a cheeky grin and it lights his whole face up! 1-1-11 is an awesome birth/wedding date :D Very easy to remember!

    Oh, and we also have a permanent foster child...Constant bedlam in the Rascal Rumps household (it's a bit of a zoo here really!!!)

  5. :) thats fantastic! I'd love a big family but i think after the complications i had and will probably have everytime the most ill be getting is 3 :) before kev and i met i was applying to be a foster carer, then put it on hold as i didnt think it was the right timing with a new partner, then we got pregnant ourselves :) will do it one day tho

  6. We have both always wanted a large family, initially we had planned to have this one and then just one more as there is a 4 year gap between him and the next youngest. However I think that after all my dramas...and some other complications after the birth, the only way I will have another will be to foster one. That too will have to wait for a bit until we get into a bit of a better sleep pattern here LOL

    Fostering is hard work but it is soooo worth it to know what a difference you have made in that childs life :D