Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mostly Good

Some months ago the Geek helped an elderly lady with her computer.  She couldn't really afford to pay him...which was okay...but she felt guilty so she gave us STUFF instead.

Now most of this STUFF was just junk, most of it has ended up or will end up in the bin.  We have too much STUFF already.

But amongst this STUFF there was a brand new, in the box Lord Of The Rings Uruk-Hai Bow 'n' Arrow.  Basically a plastic crossbow which fires projectiles!

At the time I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of a plastic crossbow which fires projectiles but it was too good to throw out so it got put away in the spare room...hopefully never to be seen again :D

No such luck!!!

Starting up a business is an expensive exercise...a LOT more expensive than we first thought, and with birthdays in October, November, January and February...and of course Christmas in December, we got to October 27 (Tigers birthday) and presents were a little too scarce for my liking. 

What to do?

Well of course we decided to give Tiger the bow and arrow. 

Naturally he loved it and spent as much of the day as possible shooting whatever he could! 

And we haven't had any injuries...YET!

I managed to make and ice a bunch of cupcakes in time for him to take them to school for his class.

He chose a bought mudcake for his birthday cake...too easy :D

And being a public holiday tomorrow he is having a friend sleep over and they are all having a movie night!

So all in all I think he has had a pretty good day!  Or in his words...Mostly good!

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