Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Show!

Yesterday we took the shop to the Katanning Show.

I was expecting to have a hellish kind of day.  I was expecting baby to have had it by lunch time and I wasn't really sure that we would have a huge amount of interest...after all at the Tambellup Show we ended up packing up early because of the lack of interest in the afternoon....Only yesterday we knew we weren't allowed to pack up until 6.30pm and since we had to leave at 7am to get set up in time that was a HUGE day for a 10 month old baby.

So we braced ourselves for our hellish day and set off in the morning.  We were running about 15 min later than planned as Bear had gotten up shortly before we left and I thought that the inlaws would have a much more manageable day if I got most of the morning routine out of the way before we left but we still managed to get ourselves there and set up with 10 min to spare.


The morning was a bit slow.  That was to be expected but we were in the pavilion with the entertainment so once that started up more people started coming in.

As we have found at our market stalls before Grandmothers are awesome.  Many of them believe cloth is the way to go and think it's fantastic that we are doing something to bring cloth use back.  They often take a magnet and some info and head off to convert their daughters/daughters in law...and even if they don't it's always encouraging to hear praise for your work.

Our first sale of the day was to a grandmother who wanted to take a little bit more than info and after that there were a few lulls but over all we were kept quite busy until close to 5pm.  We didn't make a lot of sales really (one doesn't go to the local show to impulse buy nappies) but we gave away most of our itti bitti product guides and a tonne of magnets. 

Grub helped out too by managing the cash tin!

One of the most encouraging things that was said to us all day was from a grandmother who said that she had looked for us at the last markets (which we missed for the Tambellup show)  and another grandmother said that she had come in because she knew we were going to be there.

There were also HEAPS of comments on our business name!  Hopefully we will soon be a household name :D

Grub coped incredibly well...incredibly well!  I was so proud of him!  God is good is all I can say because Grub didn't really get cranky at all until it was time to go home.  When we put him in the car he really stacked it!

By around 5 pm I was starting to feel the effects of the long day...probably because I slowed down for a few minutes...and the last hour and a half dragged a bit again but all in all it was a fantastic day. 

At least somebody had the presence of mind to park us right across the way from a lovely older couple who were sugar roasting peanuts and almonds, so while we may have gone home with a slightly lighter cargo I'm pretty sure I, myself, went home weighing about 3 tonne more...they were delicious!!!


  1. Fingers crossed that Rascal Rumps will be a household name in no time!!! and how wonderful are Grandmothers for the cloth rebirth!!!! I just had a grandmother order 8 imported for her grandbaby and said she plans to buy a few more for them every fortnight - these ladies no how wonderful cloth is and how brilliantly easy we modern cloth girls have it!!!! What a good little Grub - pretty sure when we get to market Pie will not be near so well behaved - altho if she is there and the ppl talk to her she might just love it :D

  2. I'm sure she'll get her cute little smile on and charm them all :D