Thursday, 20 October 2011

So Who Am I Anyway?

Okay, so  here is a little bit about me!

I've been married to "The Geek" for nearly 9 years now.  He's a dag but we fit well together and we can still have fun, which is important, I think!

I love my kids...and there are 6 of them! "Penguin With Piercings" (18), "The Bear" (11), "The Chicken" (8), "The Tiger" (will be 7 next week), "The Monkey" (will be 5 the week after) and "The Grub" (9 1/2 months). 

Most days our house is full of chaos and most days that's a good thing!

Oh and just in case 6 kids isn't crazy enough for you, The Bear is significantly autistic.  But that is okay too (most days) it's what makes him him!

Actually this post ended up being about my family...but that's okay, they make me who I am and get me out of bed each morning!  The rest of me will just have to come out over time :D

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