Friday, 18 November 2011

Where Is Christmas?

I love Christmas!

I really really love Christmas!

Most years I am really really organized and have the pressies all wrapped and the stockings stuffers all stashed away by now and I'm planning all the great things we are going to make with the kids and generally just making plans!

Most years I am eagerly awaiting the putting up of the Christmas tree by now!
But some years I just can't seem to get it together, I just can't seem to muster up the Christmas spirit, and it seems that this year is one of those years!

Yes I know there is still 5 weeks away and I don't really need to be feeling the Christmas spirit just yet but I usually am and I just feel like it's missing.

I'm not sure whether it is the recent death in our family (the last time I had one of these years was the year my Dad passed on)...

Or perhaps it's just sleep deprivation (that last time was also Monkey's first year of life). 

Maybe it's the stress of starting up a business (It had also been a pretty stressful year)

Or maybe it's all of the above!

But I've decided it's time to put an end to it!

Tonight I changed my facebook profile pic.

And we have had Christmas carols playing...actually they have been playing intermittently throughout the year because they are on the playlist on the ipod.

The other day we put Nigella's Christmas Kitchen on, and before that The Twelve Words of Christmas by Louie Giglio...This is a must see if you are having, or have ever had a difficult Christmas.

And I just emailed my Mother in Law about getting a recipe for a gingerbread house...since she usually comes down before Chrissy and does that with the kids (this year they are not coming til afterwards)

We also took an evening off the paperwork and wrapped all the kids pressies so we could see what else we have to get and we only owe about $80 on the bikes so we are nearly organized.

Whether or not we end up with a puppy by Christmas remains to be seen!  We just got the rego for the little car and there are not too many pays left between now and Christmas.  And the fact that we need to be a little bit picky about the kind of dog we buy means it's probably not going to be cheap.

But we've come up with an alternative.

The other day Bear and Monkey were having a royal barney about a soft toy I remembered that Bear just LOVES soft toys!  He has a pile of his favorites piled in a nice neat stack at the head of his bed, and woe betide anyone who moves one out of place.

So at least he has something that he will love!

Oh I have NO doubt that we will be getting him a puppy in the near future, but he has a birthday in early February, so that would give us a little more time to get ourselves organized, while still getting a puppy fairly soon!

Right now, however, it's 10.20pm and I have to leave at about 6.45 in the morning to set up our market stall..that and the fact that the Geek is having an 80's music marathon at the moment...I'm off to bed!

Nighty night!

(and maybe Christmas will sneak up on me while I sleep)

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