Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Day

This morning I got up knowing that I had a lot to do!

I knew that I had to finish getting my house cleaned, ready to accept up to 100 people on Friday after the funeral

I knew I had to pack our cases

I knew I had to pack and post some orders

I had some other bits and pieces to do, paperwork and banking and such

And that all of this had to be done by 2pm so that we could make it to Chicken's assembly where she and Tiger were both getting certificates.

And normally all of this wouldn't pose a problem. Normally I can get the house cleaned quite quickly once I really get into it and packing is a breeze if we are only going away for a couple of days. But this morning Grub was cranky...Grub was really REALLY cranky!

He's getting a cold and has been running a bit of a temperature and he is still cutting those 2 top teeth and he is just miserable.

And not just any brand of miserable...the “only my Mummy will do” kind of miserable :(

To start with, I wasn't real bothered, after all Grub was up at around 5 so I still had 9 hours...and then 8 and then I still had 7...and 6.

But when it got down to only 2 hours left I was starting to panic!

I still had the floors to get cleaned, washing to get in, and paperwork to do....and we hadn't even been to the office to pack and post! The case was packed but the car still needed to be loaded. And I was getting stressed!

I hated to do it but I had to let Grub grizzle :(

He sat there in the loungeroom with the Geek and grizzled while I flew around the house and vacuumed and mopped, then I popped him in the swing and grabbed the washing in. I filled in the PATS form and then we chucked everything into the car and whizzed up to the office where we finished off the paperwork and packed up the parcels.

Back via the post office, bank and telecentre we made it just in time for the assembly...which was fantastic, as always!

Oh and on a complete side note...School leaders were announced for next year and Bear is going to be a prefect...this should be fun!

Anyway, after school, we loaded up the kids...and my sisters kids whom we had to drop off...and off we went. We had to stop in Katanning to put the PATS form in and pick up some fuel vouchers...then stop at woolies and grab a few things, by which time we decided to grab Chicken Treat for dinner because the kids were going to be starving by the time we stopped at Williams for a break.

It's been a LOOOOONNNG day. And it was hot and sticky...Bleeeerk!!!

I am sitting here in the car typing this...yes the girl who never even had a mobile phone 8 years ago is now lost without her laptop...and I am encrusted in sweat and feeling very windswept and completely horrible....And the kids are going nuts in the back!

BUT...Guess what???


That's right, I'm sitting here, encrusted in sweat and feeling very windswept and completely horrible, with the kids in the back being totally abominable...and as the warm breeze flies in the window and I watch the sun sinking low over the golden brown paddocks, I finally feel that feeling, that the most special and joyous time of the year is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to it!

Whether or not that feeling will remain through the rest of the week, I'm not sure!

Doctors appointments and the trip home and of course the funeral may very well kill it for me, but right here and now, it feels like Christmas and I have no doubt at all in my mind, that if I lose it again, then it will return very soon and we will have a wondrous Christmas after all!!!


  1. I love that moment when you feel Christmas - you described it so well. I haven't got it yet but I'm looking forward to it.

    You certainly had a crazy day but you know how to find the positive in a situation.

    Next year is going to be very exciting for Bear - Wow!

  2. Thanks Jane...It was even better when we pulled up and my cousin's house was all decked out with Christmas lights :D