Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I Need To Vent!!!

At the moment we are having a tough week...a really tough week. 

As I've said before Bear is being horrendous...he was good after gym yesterday but woke up in a DREADFUL mood this morning.  Oh my Lord.

Yesterday Penguin rang and was in a terrible state.  She had something in her ear...some sort of insect...and hadn't had any sleep.  She needed to go to the doctor but couldn't face going by herself.  And I'm 350km away so I couldn't take her.  I rang my cousin and she is taking her this morning but yesterday the thought of not sleeping for a whole nother day, and having this thing crawling around in her ear was just too much for her.  She did eventually get some sleep, thank goodness.

Grub is CRANKY!!!  He isn't well and there is a top tooth lurking just under the gum and giving him curry.  And when he does let me put him down for 5 minutes he is into EVERYTHING!!!

I really need to get on with my spring cleaning...I normally have it done by the end of October but I have barely started.  We did have an emergency foster placement last week and that gave me a bit of a boot in the bum and I have at least cleaned out the spare room...(otherwise I would have had no where to put these kids)  But I started in on the boys room yesterday...let me just say it is NOT a one day's going to take me the rest of the week.

And then there's the slow start to Rascal Rumps.  Now I never really expected it to be full on orders from day one, and we are getting orders,(on average around one a day) but with this and everything else going on yesterday, by the middle of the day I was starting to despair a little...okay a lot!

And then came the clincher! The thing that will determine the rest of the week to be a tough week (unless of course there is a miracle)

Around 16 years ago my parents fostered a severely disabled 4 year old girl.  She was born with hydrocephalus and, among other, things has epilepsy. She is now 20 and still living with Mum.

She is Mums whole life.

Yesterday evening she took a severe fit.  She had to be resuscitated, intubated and flown to Perth.  This morning Mum rang and told me that she is not going to make it.  Once all the appropriate paperwork is done (The public trustee, rather than Mum is her guardian) they will be switching off life support and she will be gone :( 
Mum has already buried one of her children and it's less than 5 years since we buried my's going to be a tough week...a really tough week.

I usually like to finish on a positive note, to try and see the bright side of everything...Well I'm really hoping it shows itself soon cause right now I can't really see it


  1. Venting is sometimes needed. I really hope the next few weeks bring you more positives. Thoughts are with you.

  2. Thanks Vicki, this week had been a lot better...but busy so I haven't written much! Next week will be tough with the funeral on Friday but we will get through it!
    Thanks for thinking of me,
    Erin xoxox