Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm An Idiot!!!

Did you know that I'm an idiot!

When I first started writing this blog and was trying to think of animal names for my children I talked to the Geek and we decided to call the oldest a penguin...because she is always talking about penguins. 

Now the primary reason for her always talking about penguins is that that is her nickname for her boyfriend.  I knew that but it still seemed like a good idea at the time.

Some time last year she posted as her status on facebook something to the effect of..."I am tired of humanity and have determined to live the rest of my life out as a duck!  Quack" 

She made a big thing about it (in fun of course) and we often had facebook conversations that went something like...

"Quack quack quack"
"Quack quack quackity quack"

We even went so far as to have a t-shirt printed up for her with a little duck on the front which said "I am a duck" and on the back it said "Quack"

How could I have completely forgotten about the duck?

I can only say it's been a busy, full on year and my brain is having trouble functioning and I was only reminded this morning when she posted this picture on facebook...
She does love her penguin!

So from now and forever more (on this blog at least) she shall be called Ducky!!!

And I do love my Ducky :D