Saturday, 5 November 2011

Special Saturday - Christmas Gift Ideas - The Solution!

I wrote this post earlier this week and had it ready to go for this morning.

But this morning during a "Big Bear Meltdown"  which, I might add is still happening, something occurred to me.

Let's get him a puppy!!!

Now I KNOW I'm going to regret ever thinking that! 

We have a beautiful weimerana named Gandalf.  We've had her for just over 8 years now and Bear loves her...and she takes everything he dishes out but she's getting older now and she isn't as playful as she used to be.

I DO NOT want another dog...we CAN NOT afford another dog...but I'm pretty sure Bear needs another dog!

Confirmation of that came when I very cautiously mentioned this to the Geek (who is not a dog lover by any stretch of the imagination...and it's him that has to clean up after the dog) and he AGREED with me...he wasn't supposed to AGREE with me!  For heavens sake he was supposed to squash the idea and tell me I was crazy!

But no, he agreed with me and even offered to get on the net and do a bit of research.

We both agree that if we get a puppy it WILL be another weimerana.  When I was a kid we had a weimerana and it took everything my younger brother dished out and of course our Gandalf  takes everything Bear dishes out so I am confident that they are the right breed of dog for us.  We have also even half jokingly NAMED this potential new puppy...Frodo!  if you've got a Gandalf you absolutely HAVE to have a Frodo!

So now my only problem (aside from how to pay for it) is how to keep it a surprise until Christmas...

But oh what a surprise it will be!!!


  1. No, you are absolutely right - you are crazy! But - very good idea.

    I'd love to get Cam a Golden Retriever apparently they are excellent companion dogs and I've read several accounts of the excellent bond they have created with people with special needs.

    However, at the moment if we added another dog to our household - I'd be calling me - CRAZY!

  2. Haha...We at least have the benefit of a half acre block!

    A golden retriever would be awesome for Cam! Have you read a book called "A Friend Like Henry" Pretty sure that Henry was a golden retriever too :D

  3. Yes I have read A Fiend Like Henry - what a fabulous book - everyone should read it.

  4. Fiend? haha Yes Everybody should, I thoroughly enjoyed it and at the time it gave me great hope (it was some years ago)

  5. Oh no, of all words to miss spell - I've been teaching FRIEND all year in the spelling program I run for year two. SHhhhhhhhhhh - don't tell them. :)

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