Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Twas The Month Before Christmas!!!

Twas a month before Christmas
And though it took it's time
The feeling of Christmas
Was starting to shine

The kids in The Zoo Train
Were hyper and bubbly
And hope stirred in Mum...
It was really quite lovely!

The Grub was a wrecker
And the tree was too big
So when Ducky came home
We spangled the twig!

We hung up the stockings
Beneath the TV
And strung up some lights
For everyone to see

The Nativity scene
Had it's own little space
And the recipe books
Were pulled out of their place

Nappies were arriving
In green and in red
They were pretty awesome...
It has to be said!

We hopped the back fence
And plucked a few leaves
Then with a coathanger
Made the first of our wreaths

We've now picked up the bikes
And wrapped are the pressies
So with little more shopping
We might actually be ready!!!



  1. hehe, thanks...I think the one I did for Katrina was even better :)