Monday, 12 December 2011

Mini Christmas Puds

Quite a number of years ago now my inlaws bought a copy of Colin Buchanan's King Of Christmas DVD (which the kids loved so much we of course had to buy a copy of our own)

And on this DVD there is a cooking segment in which Colin makes Mini Christmas Puddings and ever since then it has become an annual event, and yesterday was the day!

So I think it is only fitting that I get a little Christmassy for this post and SHOW you how to make mini Christmas puds!!!

Step 1...take one bought fruit cake

Step 2...Smoosh the fruit cake
 until it looks like this

Step 3...Add a packet of Nestle Dark Chocolate Melts...melted of course
And then stir and mix and smoosh until it looks something like this
Then Step 4...Roll into balls

And this is where I left them to it, Grub decided that that was the perfect time to wake up and NEED a breastfeed so I just sat back in the dining area and watched them while I fed him
hmmm, perhaps there are some advantages to them growing up...and they didn't do too bad a job either
Top with white chocolate and decorate with chopped glace cherries

...and I would like to take this opportunity to say that it's worth using melts again here.  Woolies had sold out of white chocolate melts so I grabbed some Plaistowes cooking chocolate instead and it melted down really runny which meant it ran off the puddings a bit too much and didn't hold the cherries very well but the kids were really happy with the result and that is really all that matters :D

What do you think?

They turn out a LOT better with thicker chocolate I promise :D