Saturday, 10 December 2011

Special Saturday - My Favourite Blogs

As I mentioned in "I'm Back" I've not had a lot of spare time lately for writing my blog...and the same applies to reading other peoples at the moment (though I do go through phases of being addicted to them!)

But there are a few that I have mostly kept up with!

Now because this is a Special Saturday post, it makes sense to start with the ones about additional needs.

And that has to start with Stuff With Thing

The Geek has cyberknown Marita from Stuff with thing for a loooong time!  Since before we met at least.  Since before Marita had children and learned to live with Autism.  I well remember his excitement when she gave birth to each of her children.  And while I am a relative newcomer to the cyber world I have always heard bits and pieces of her life with her girls.  It seemed only a natural progression that Stuff with thing should have become one of the first blogs I started to follow...and I am constantly encouraged by Marita's dedication to doing the best for her girls!

And then there is This Is No Oridnary Kid.

I stumbled across This Is No Ordinary Kid back in May I think...when the blog was only about a month or so old.  I was sitting there with my, then, 4 month old baby boy and I read through that first months worth of blog with tears streaming down my face for the story of Jane's 5 1/2 month old baby who had contracted meningitis and almost lost his life.  Cameron is now 16 and making some very encouraging progress and I have laughed and cried many a time as I have read every single post (although sometimes I get a few weeks behind and have to catch up)...We have also had the extreme honor of meeting the Danzi family and getting to know them a little bit too and I hope that we will always be friends.

Another Blog that I stumbled across is The I Love You Song...and if you click on the link you may notice that I didn't link you to the most recent post, but rather to the very first post I read, which REALLY touched me at the was VERY close to home.

There are other additional needs blog posts that I have come accross....and most of them from reading through Marita's weekly Autism Hero Highlights and many of them have been very good but I haven't really kept track of them all.

Now as much as there are days when it feels like an Autism Mum is all I am and there is no room for anything else, I do actually have 6 children and I want to be a good mum to them all so sometimes I need a link to the outside world...where Autism doesn't rule the roost...and that's when I drop into some of my other favorite blogs for encouragement. Jodi's World has given me much inspiration this Christmas and watching Jodi prepare for her first Christmas as a Mum has had me thinking a lot about MY first Christmas as a Mum all those years ago when Ducky was a wee Duckling.

The Mummy Disorder, The Surprise Beginning and Random Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mum are also good ones for reminding me that it's okay to be human :D

So there you have it, my favorite blogs...but while I'm here I probably should link you to The Geek's blog too...seeing he is my husband and all!  Actually although his posts are a little bit intermittent, they are usually a fairly interesting read so here it is :D


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