Thursday, 5 January 2012

A New Year!

Well it's only the 5th of January and already the year has gotten away from me!

I had been thinking for weeks about my new years resolutions and I think I've come up with some good ones but an ill-timed visit from auntie flo has had me feeling a little blue and a lot lacking in motivation!

Now that auntie flo has mostly left the building I am determined to start afresh and while I may yet put my new years resolutions down on paper (or cyber space as the case may be) I thought I'd kickstart a fantastic year by writing a Thankful Thursday kind of post, for I have much to be thankful for :D

I am thankful for a husband who loves me...and puts up with me when I'm cranky.

I am thankful for 6 very special, healthy children to drive me nuts during the holidays.

I am thankful that I have a reasonable sized house on a fairly big block (as much as I often complain that I need a bigger house, I don't really, I just need to learn to utilize my space better).

I am thankful for my garden...even if it is a little neglected.

I am thankful for simple things like hot running water and flushing toilets....and a good many other things that I take for granted that, when you consider the number of people worldwide who don't have these things, are really a luxury.

I am thankful for 3 meals a day, though I'm sure my body could survive on less :D

And I am thankful for a Lord who will take all my burdens from me...if I will just hand the jolly things over to him!!!

I could ramble on for hours but you get the idea, I've got it pretty good when push comes to shove if I focus on that fact the world will be a much brighter place :D

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