Friday, 9 December 2011

The Christmas Nappy!

As I said in "I'm Back" I have been inspired by the Christmassy posts over at Jodi's World and something very Christmassy in this house at the moment is the nappies!

Now I started the silly season swearing blind I was NOT going to buy a Christmas nappy.  Instead I decided that I would buy an itti bitti Galaxy nappy...

Christmassy but still wearable throughout the rest of the year.

And then Seedling Baby released their Christmas Gift Pack which contained a both a red and green gingham nappy...and I had recently tried a seedling baby nappy so I knew that they were great nappies

Again...Christmassy but wearable throughout the rest of the year..and a bargain at $30 for two nappies!

But then came the penguin!

I was just innocently perusing facebook when I came across this picture...

at Kat's Creative MCN's and Baby Creations.  And it wasn't even all my fault...I showed the Geek and he loved it too!!! (it's a geek Linux thing) so we commented and as it happened Kat was happy to make it into a nappy for us :D

So I had bought a Christmas nappy after all, and I was excited.

And that was that...only it wasn't.

Kat was running a competition for a Christmas Custom to celebrate hitting 600 likers on facebook.

Now I don't often enter these competition things...but occasionally I do so just for fun...and Kat's competition called to write a Christmas poem or song...and I had just written this... and my penguin nappy had just arrived so I couldn't help I wrote...

Twas a month before Christmas
End of year at last
And bubby's first Christmas
Was creeping up fast

Nappies were arriving
In red and in green
But the one with the penguin
Was the best to be seen

From Kat's Creations
Twas the favorite of Mother
And she couldn't deny
She wanted another!

There were some awesome entries but I made it into the final five which meant I had to take a quiz...a fun Christmassy quiz...and all five of us got all the answers right so the winner was random.orged...AND IT WAS ME!!!

Oh I was excited now!  But as a Christian I wanted to get something that honored the real meaning of Christmas...The Jesus story!

So I put it to Kat and this is what she came up with...

But it got me looking at the other ones she had up for sale...bad bad bad.

She had this gorgeous lil pudding embroidery...and since we ALWAYS make mini Christmas puddings with the kids...every was perfect!

Again, it wasn't all my fault...the Geek had a say too...a small say but it just happened to end up in the same parcel as the prize nappy (hehehe)

And they arrived today so I have a new family of Christmas nappies...

and Grub is gonna have one cute little bum come Christmas day!!!


  1. hahaha - u really did cave to the xmas nappies ;)

    I've been good - got my itti galaxy, my seedlings and 1 AI2 from itty bitty bums but I wish they'd stop showing me them all over on MCN Lovers cos its getting hard to be good!!!!

  2. hehe..that's what got news feed is FULL of them, even tonight I saw one on Bubbys Bott and was tempted...fortunately the kids spent all my money when they went Christmas shopping today so there will be no more Christmas nappies this week LOL
    Probably a good thing :D