Friday, 30 November 2012

The Conversation!

Yesterday we had a meeting at the high school about Bears transition (I should add that trying to communicate with this high school is like beating your head against a brick wall)

Anyway during this meeting there was a conversation which I felt pretty much sums up the past (almost) 11 years...

DCP Case Worker - You have to remember that when working with Bear you are not just working with an autistic child you are also working with a severely damaged child, those years of abuse and neglect would have left him with some level of Post Traumatic Stress.

Head Teacher - Well is someone working with him for that?

Case Worker - No.

Head Teacher - Well why not?

Case Worker - Because basically no one really knows where to start!

Thank you!

Have I mentioned that we have the BEST case worker!

actually I really mean that!  When Bear first came into care he used to have contact with his Mum at one of the local daycare centres and at that time our case worker worked at that daycare so she has actually cared for him HANDS ON and seems to REALLY understand that when we say "this is what is happening" then we mean that "THIS is what is happening" and I can't thank her enough for the support she has shown since she started working for the department :)

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