Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Well the new year is here, but here at The Zoo Train, new years day kinda takes a back seat to Grub's birthday.  Today he is 2 and while he will always be my baby, he has officially left his baby days behind him.

But we've had a pretty cruisy day...

Once daddy was up we opened presents...

My favourite was his new baby from Mama28 Dolls!

Then I spent most of the morning pottering in the kitchen...which is okay, it's where I belong, where I am comfortable.

We had some of my family round for lunch...

And icecream cake...

...some of which I got to wear...

Thanks Bubba M!

And once it got a bit cooler, the Geek upgraded the sliperydip for them and they had an awesome time :)

Followed by baths, leftovers for dinner and of course beloved bedtime!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

How was your day?

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