Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Swear I My house Was Clean Today!

I swear my house was clean today
I promise that it's true
I swear my house was clean today
Until the kids came through

This morning during school time
I vacuumed and I mopped
I folded all the washing
And the dishes all got washed

But when the kids came home from school
My clean house disappeared
I've been a mum for 18 years
So I shouldn't think it's weird

They dumped their bags and shed their shoes
And helped themselves to food
But when it came to cleaning up
They just weren't in the mood

But when I sit and take it in
My hard work, all undone
I wouldn't change a single thing
Not any single one

For my babies all are precious
And their time with me not long
My heaven given blessings
And the reason for my song

The mess will still be here tomorrow
So I guess I'll just clean it up then
So that when they get home after school time
I can say this all over again!